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Everyone always wonders about how to eat sushi properly. This post will cover what to do and what not to do while eating sushi.

When eating at a sushi restaurant you should sit at the sushi bar and interact with with sushi chef. They are always entertaining and pleased when you enjoy their food. The chefs put a lot of effort into each roll, carefully making sure that the proportions are correct so that the flavors and taste are perfect.

When eating sushi you normally use chopsticks. Chopsticks can be difficult and testy, but do not be afraid to test them out. These instructions may aide you in learning how to properly use them.

You should eat the whole piece in one bite or the roll may fall apart and will become hard to finish. It is also considered bad form to eat only a piece. You should try to finish everything on your plate because in Japan it is rude to leave food on your plate.

If you are 21-years-old, sake, beer, or tea taste good with sushi. Fruity varieties usually overpower the taste of the sushi.

When ordering sushi, do not be afraid to ask the chef recommendations. The chef knows what is the freshest and and also the special of the day. Rolls are prepared and served in six to eight pieces and will be served with pickled ginger and wasabi (green horseradish). You mix the wasabi in the soy sauce to give it a little spice.

Try not to dunk or smother your roll in soy sauce. The rice absorbs soy sauce very quickly and will overpower the flavors of the fish and other ingredients.

Pickled ginger is eaten in small amounts between the varieties of sushi to cleanse the palate.

Sushi chefs do not handle money so in appreciation offer a drink or leave a tip in a jar located at the top of the sushi bar. Comments and feedback are always welcome, they enjoy hearing the compliments of their work. For them, this is considered an art.

Hopefully these tidbits on sushi etiquette encourage you to test new endevors at the sushi bar!

Until next time, どうぞめしあがれ (douzo meshiagare) or ‘enjoy your meal’!


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